These past few weeks in America have been pretty tumultuous. From the presidential election itself to the smaller Senate and congressional elections held throughout the country, the whole country feels – in a way – completely turned upside down. Now, for those of you who probably couldn’t guess from my previous posts, I did not support Donald Trump for president. His election, though, means that we must once again brace ourselves for the coming transition from one political party holding power to another. 

And usually, that’s not a bad thing. Political parties have exchanged control of the presidency and Congress since the beginning of our republic. The problem is when you have someone so asininely unknowledgeable, unintelligent, and negligent coming into power and surrounding himself with people just as inexperienced as he is in governmental affairs, and some being just downright terrifying to anyone who isn’t white.

Don’t believe me? Let’s quickly analyze some of the top appointments Trump has made for his cabinet.

State: Rex Tillerson

The ExxonMobil CEO, who landed a nearly whopping $500 BILLION agreement with Russia, only to lose it when President Obama signed sanctions against them for their involvement in Crimea. The man has zero governmental experience, with ExxonMobil literally being the only company he’s ever worked for, no diplomatic experience, received the highest civilian award from Vladimir Putin himself, and could see to benefit monetarily from doing away with those sanctions President Obama instituted previously. I don’t believe we’ve ever had anyone more unqualified for one of the most important cabinet positions in American history.

Defense: James N Mattis

That’s General James Mattis to you. Oh, wait, I’m sorry, I mean General James Mad Dog Mattis. Previously leading combat troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan, this man has a very hawkish view towards Iran, whom he believes should effectively be destroyed. After working with Iran to dismantle its nuclear program and lift heavy sanctions placed on them by President Obama, this man could see to undo all the positive effects of working towards a lasting peace and non-nuclear Iran. I mean, it’s not like we’re still fighting in a war in Afghanistan, right? Or dealing with the terrorist group which instituted itself in the wake of George W. Bush’s false flag invasion and destruction of Iraq? Plus, he needs a special waiver from Congress since he’s only three years out of the military to serve as Defense Secretary.

Homeland Security: John F. Kelly

Here’s another general to be part of Trump’s cabinet, only this time he deals with the issues of our homeland. This shouldn’t sit right with many of you – even though the Department of Homeland Security is the newest cabinet position, we’ve never had a general from the military head the type of position which deals directly with the protection within our country. A general in charge of the security within our own borders – what could go wrong with that?

CIA Director: Mike Pompeo

Where do we begin? A member of the House of Representatives, this man is very Islamophobic, dislikes the Iran Deal, wants Edward Snowden to be executed, wants the NSA to collect all our data and store it for possible further use, and thinks those CIA members who participated in torture are “heroes.” Speaking of torture, he wants to bring back waterboarding because it apparently “works.” If you’re not shaking your head at the sheer level of backwardness we’re heading into with this new administration I don’t know what will.

Treasury: Steven Mnuchin

Good old Goldman Sachs. Not only did they play a major role in the financial crisis of 2008, but they even reaped rewards after being bailed out by the federal government so their selfish handling of the housing crisis wouldn’t completely destroy our economy. That’s where Mnuchin comes from, and it doesn’t end there. He took over IndyMac Bank in 2008 and became known as the “foreclosure king” for kicking thousands of families out of their homes who were behind on their mortgages. The man has no sense of compassion and only looks out for one person: Steven Mnunchin.

Attorney General: Jeff Sessions

The first of Trump’s cabinet picks, Sessions is a blatant racist, which I’m sure goes well with holding the office of Attorney General, who is responsible for not just upholding the laws of our country but seeking out those who violate them and seeing that they properly receive the consequences they deserve. Sessions tried to receive a federal judgeship during the Ronald Reagan presidency but was defeated due to his racist attitude towards blacks and the statements he’s made against them. Robert Kennedy would be rolling in his grave if he knew Trump nominated this man for the same office he held in 1960.

Labor: Andrew F Puzder

A fast food CEO who believes the minimum wage should not be increased, overtime should not be paid more, and that robots and automation should replace all those who work remedial jobs since they don’t argue with you and get the job done without arguing. Sounds like a great person to lead our Department of Labor, don’t you think?

Health and Human Services: Tom Price

A fierce critic of the Affordable Care Act and the architect for wanting to repeal it, Trump couldn’t have picked a better person to head up a department which is supposed to do the complete opposite of what Price wants, which is to remove insurance from 20 million individuals who have gained it under the Affordable Care Act, completely repeal (and not replace because there is no alternative plan in place) this act, and allow the free market to work out the issues of health care because, you know, that always works out in the end, doesn’t it?

Energy: Rick Perry

I’ve got one word for you: “Oops.”

Housing and Urban Development: Ben Carson

The man’s a neurosurgeon. That’s why we call him Dr.Ben Carson. He has zero, zilch, nada, no experience in this department or anything related to it and I fear for those who need affordable housing, public housing or might be the victim of housing discrimination because it looks like Carson’s going to snooze his way through this position. Let’s not forget the fact that he stated he didn’t think he was qualified to run any department in the Trump cabinet days before Trump nominated him.

Environmental Protection Agency: Scott Pruitt

Pruitt currently has an existing lawsuit against the very agency he was nominated to run. All I can ask is, why nominate someone who literally wants to get rid of the agency he’s supposed to run?

Commerce: Wilbur Ross

Enjoys milking companies for all they’re worth before declaring them bankrupt. He also tried to help Trump save his Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City. I’m sure you all can see how well that worked out.

Transportation: Elaine Chao

Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader’s wife. Backroom dealing, anyone?

Education: Betsy DeVos

She’s never set foot inside a public school. She never went to public school. She’s a fierce advocate for charter schools. Why not choose someone who would provide actual services and support to those public schools we’re supposed to fund instead of trying to destroy teacher unions and belittle the work they do?

National Security Advisor: Michael Flynn

Hates Islam and doesn’t think it can coexist in society with other religions. This man will be to the left of Steven Bannon, giving Trump advice on national security. And yes, he does support a registry for Muslims.

Chief of Staff: Reince Priebus

This spineless individual will literally do whatever Trump tells him to do. Fiercely against Trump during the primary, he was barely able to get his party together to rally around Trump because he was the most disliked candidate ever to run for president. But hey, when you’ve got no backbone, you’ll support anyone to win, right?

Chief Strategist: Steve Bannon

What hasn’t been said about Steven Bannon? The man ran Breitbart News out of his mom’s basement, which is the news website for the “Alt-Right” or another term for white nationalists in America. I would link to some of the terrible articles written on the site, but I refuse to provide them with any web traffic. He’s been called a white supremacist, white nationalist, a racist, bigot, misogynist, anti-Semite, among other things. Don’t let the suit jacket and button up dress shirt confuse you. This man is dangerous, an extreme racist in every sense of the word, and is the right-hand man of Donald Trump.

I highly recommend reading up on Trump’s cabinet picks so far. This is a great article to read.

Usually, I don’t care who you choose for your cabinet when you win the presidency, but that’s because those who usually win are intelligent and know the right people to surround themselves with so they make the correct decisions. Trump is doing the complete opposite: he only supports himself and the billionaires he’s chosen for his cabinet. He’s chosen people with either little or no experience in government to run some of the most important positions in his cabinet, and that just downright frightens me.

None of these individuals share even an ounce of what Robert Kennedy stands for, but what can you expect when you’re raised a billionaire who believes everything around you is yours for the taking? While Robert Kennedy may have been a multi-millionaire, he understood that those with the ability to make a difference and be heard should do so and help those who cannot speak for themselves. Trump can’t even comprehend that statement because everything is his in his own eye. We are now surrounded by selfish, careless individuals who will undoubtedly make huge mistakes which will have huge repercussions on our country.

I pray for our country and hope that we can turn back to a time when we began healing divides among us instead of allowing them to tear us apart.

– RA


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