Syria, Turkey, and Russia

Turkey Russian AmbassadorCall me a globalist. Call me a humanitarian. Call me whatever you want. What I believe is that we are one human race, regardless of the borders we’ve created, the religions we cling to, and the ethnicities we label each other as.

While we may look different we must begin to understand that these different layers we’ve created for all those around us do nothing more than divide us as a species rather than unite us towards a common goal of peace and compassion. Instead of stepping into someone else’s shoes to understand the qualms they deal with every day we simply delegate the issues to their religion, gender, skin color, or place of origin.

Now we have a Russian diplomat dead in Turkey because of the hate surrounding the civil war in Syria. While it is despicable that we’ve done little to stop it, the racism, anger, and violence it has spread throughout the world as a whole are even more disheartening.

And while the gunman may have been correct when he screamed, “Don’t forget Aleppo!” we must never forget that which is necessary to bind us together as a human race: that deep necessity to express compassion and empathy towards others. Without it, we devolve into the beasts we read about in fairy tales. rfk_speech_on_mlk

Now let us say a prayer for all those who have suffered and continue to suffer throughout these wakes of senseless violence. I know we are better than this, and I know you believe that, too. Let us stand together and say no more to that which tears us down and begin to love one another.

– RA

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