It’s Time to Stand Up

I will admit that for most of my life I’ve been the person seated at the backburner of any push for change. I followed the crowd, and worst of all, I asStand-Up.jpgsumed that whatever needed to be changed would be changed by someone else. It took me over ten years to finally understand that not only do things not have to stand as they are but that I could be one of those most instrumental in bringing about change. We all can.

It’s time to let old habits die hard, push forward with positive change, and stand up to those who are on the wrong side of history.

Now, some of you may believe that standing up to those who are on the wrong side of history is dangerous. First of all, how do we know they’re on the wrong side of history? What if we’re on the wrong side of history? It all comes down to a few famous words said by Martin Luther King, Jr.:

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

Those who lean against what is right will discover this eventually and their battles will seem silly, unreasonable, and unwinnable. We have the future on our side when it comes to simply doing a few things in our society today:

  1. Do not allow anyone to jest at someone else’s suffering. – Whether it be a mental or physical, low income, homelessness, disease, or even refugee status, we cannot allow this to become the new normal.

Some may say this means becoming more sensitive to what we say, and I say absolutely. We must absolutely be sensitive to someone who is suffering because we could just as easily be in that person’s position at any point in our lives. To think differently is to believe you have complete control over every single aspect of your existence, and as much as we’d love to have that we don’t.

2.  Understand that your life is simply just that: yours. No one else has it and because of that, we all have extraordinarily different ones all over the spectrum.

We need to understand that the hardships others face may not only be extremely different from what we face but that the solutions available to each of us will always be vastly different. We need to understand these differences and move closer towards these understandings rather than questioning why someone didn’t do option a, b, or c since some of them may not have had those options.

Until we begin to stand up against injustices towards others around us and understand the differences which each of us inhabits, we will never stop arguing. We argue because we do not understand. Once we learn to understand these differences we can begin to work towards the common goals we have share and truly begin to bring us together as one human race.

The arguing must begin to stop and the understanding must begin. Without that, there will be no progress.



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