That Shining City on a Hill

We’re not meant to be like this. We are a kind and loving species, one of the only who have the ability to feel what others are feeling deep down within ourselves. Yet here we are, at each other’s throats, our nails digging in even more so this time than ever before. What is it going to take to make us understand that what divides us is what can bring us together most? We’re all looking for a place to live free of fear, hate, violence, and turmoil. There’s no doubt about that. How we try to go about getting there, though, is what causes so much bloodshed.

  • You believe in a different religion than me? Well then surely you must be the enemy.
  • You live in a different part of the world than me and don’t understand my customs? Well then surely you aren’t humane enough to live near me.
  • You speak a different language than me and neither of us understand one other? Well then surely we’ll never see eye to eye on anything.
  • You look different than me? Have a different skin color, are a different gender, or different sexual identity than me? Well, then you must be wrong because my way is best.

It drives me to tears to see how we rip each other down because of such trivial differences between us. What I don’t understand, though, is that if you strip away those things we find different, all the way down to the very bone that houses our brain and heart you’ll find that we’re exactly the same. Yet we still take the time out of our day to put others down because of something we find inferior about them. Instead of doing so, we should be working towards bettering the human race as a whole, making it easier to survive, and live amongst each other as friends.

We have several potently evil people in political power at the current moment, with several more to join, and the possibility of more to come. What we should be doing rather than fighting one another is planting our seeds to ensure the future of mankind is here, because believe me, it very well may not be in the next 100 years or so if these politics of selfishness continue to strangle us. How do you ensure this doesn’t continue? Look to history for the advice you seek and you will always find the answer: love.

Those who fight hate with hate or violence with violence will only destroy themselves. It has always been those who showed their attackers they would not be phased by the mindless menace of violence that came after them who ended up coming out on top.

So when you feel the urge to destroy or hurt something or someone, remember the these actions will accomplish –  nothing.

Franklin Roosevelt said the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

John F. Kennedy asked what you could do for your country.

Ronald Reagan called America that “shining city on a hill.”

Robert F. Kennedy said we must do all we can to tame the savageness of man and make gentle the life of this world.

Now let us puncture that fear which has grown around us for so long and prove to the world that as one people we can be compassionate, kind, and loving.
– RA

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