This Is Not Normal

Many frightening events are happening right in our country. They range from the consistent attempts and now possible appeal of the Affordable Care Act, the reconstruction of the Keystone XL Pipeline and Dakota Pipeline, to the horrific Executive Orders signed by Trump over the past few days. The most horrendous of these orders is the barring of Muslims from certain countries from entering the United States regardless of whether they be refugees, green card holders, or visiting. These are all terrifying to what our country stands for, but I read something the other day which terrified me even more than what we’ve been through these past few weeks:

“I never thought the United States stood for the types of racism and discrimination it is now blatantly displaying. I guess this is what our country stands for now.

No. This is not what our country stands for. This is not a new normal that we all must simply get used to and move on with. Our country does not stand for any of these immoral indecencies.

We are a country founded by immigrants. When those coming for a new life passed by the Statue of Liberty, the book in her hand did not state that we only accept those who are simply white or Western European Christians. It states:

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” 

These individuals Trump and his administration have so blatantly targeted are just those individuals the Statue of Liberty cries out to welcome. We must not let these moments of intolerance and discrimination become the new normal in our country. 

How do we fight back against this? First off, as hard as it is, ignore Trump and anyone from his cabinet on the news. Don’t watch anything live. Watch it after the fact because you know there will be a myriad of lies from whatever event occurred that need to be fact checked. That means ignore Reince, Trump himself, Pence, Conway, Spicer, and any other member of his cabinet. Also, ignore the spineless Republicans in Congress who know the constitutional crisis Trump’s actions are creating and pay attention to those who are speaking out against intolerance. No, they will not always say what you want them to say, but anyone in Congress willing to stand up to this bully should have your support.

While on the subject of Congress: Call your local member of Congress and Senators. Let them know how you feel. And I’m not saying to write an email or a letter. Pick up the phone and call their office. Why? Because it’s been statistically proven that phone calls literally scare members of Congress. That means they have to answer to their constituents rather than sit back and fill their reelection campaign funds from lobbyists. I’ve been a part of it first hand and I have to say: it works. Don’t be afraid of them. On the contrary, they should be afraid of you. Visit to find yours and contact them frequently. Fill their mailboxes. Know you mean business.

We have a long road ahead and we will face more challenges as Trump descends into his own alternate reality he’s created for himself, but what we cannot do is remain silent at times like these where it seems our country is veering off its path of why it was originally founded.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union…

Those words echo louder now more than ever, and we the people must keep those who want to diminish or cause harm to our Union from doing so. It starts with us and when we work together we can topple any amount of injustice or intolerance in our way.

So keep fighting. Keep standing for what is right. Know that there are millions in the country and around the world who have your back, and destroy the injustices that are trying to tear us apart, and remember that this is not normal and in no way will we ensure that these actions become what America stands for. 

– RA

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