Welcome Back

Well, it’s nice to be back here amongst friends, those who wish to make this world a better place filled with love, hope, and empathy. I thought I could stay away from this blog for a little bit as I continued writing a book, but I just can’t stay quiet anymore. Every single day we move farther and farther into the darkness as hope recedes like low tide, and I can’t continue to watch us sink as a human race into factions that will eventually tear us apart.

So, please, do not just adjust the dials on your television sets. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride, and join me in our quest to bring back the love and understanding our country once held close to its centralized heart.

I’m not a saint. Never have been and never will be. Instead, I like to think of myself as a sinner atoning for his sins. Why is that? Because I’ve stayed silent for too long in my life just assuming everything would fix itself and someone else would take up the mantle to bring about change. I’ve realized now that the silence I gave this world only helped increase the amount of disgusting partisanship and hate of which our country has grown to become more tolerant. Those of us who held onto common decency, yet remained quiet during times of discontent, are partially to blame for the rifts in our society.

Here’s what I do know now:

We shouldn’t tolerate the hate that’s been growing within our country over the past three to four decades. What began as a fight for equal opportunity and protection under the law in this country has turned into a program of systemic racism and prejudices towards people of color and basically anyone who is not considered white in this country. You can agree or disagree with me, but you cannot deny the facts that surround this statement. The vast majority of those in prison are people of color, they also receive longer sentences for the same crimes committed by whites, and the militarization of our police forces throughout this country have created small armies in cities in states throughout this country. Is that really what we want our police to become: a domestic army against its own citizens?

The fear of diversity throughout this country is just an Orwellian way of stating that people, i.e. white, are afraid that people of color will become just as equal and on part with their successes, and will somehow diminish their own. This whole idea of someone else succeeding on the same level as you does not diminish the importance of your own success, and it seems to be something we’ve forgotten. We’ve become a nation of selfish individuals who only want to see themselves rise above everyone else rather than see us rise together as a nation. We cannot allow this to become the new normal.

So won’t you help me atone for our sin of silence and speak out against these injustices we’ve let be created? The world may not be what we want it to be, but let us remember: “‘Tis not too late to seek a newer world.”



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