Every Society Gets the Kind of Criminal It Deserves.

And none of us are innocent. So long as we stand on the sidelines and remain bystandersrobert_kennedy_glasses_2 to the hate, ignorance, dishonesty, and apathy we will remain guilty. Our society is the way it is today because of the inability for us to stand for what is right. It’s a hard truth, but sometimes those truths are the most necessary to wake us up to what is going on around us. Sometimes we need that fall from our comfortable bed to the hardwood floor to wake us up from the figments of our imagination we’ve envisioned around us.

The hardest part, though, is the waking up.

When you hear the word “criminal” what do you think of first? Someone behind bars, who committed some sort of heinous act that requires them to be separated from the rest of the society so the rest of us can feel safe? What if the most heinous act, though, wasn’t the act of murdering someone, but something? The true criminal is the one who commits the destructive act of all: the chipping away at the ability for us to see our fellow neighbor within ourselves.

Those who look to divide us are the most imperative enemy in our day and age. By dividing us so we refuse to see each other as the same it makes war easier to break out, genocide easy to ignore, civil wars to rage on without end, and hate to consume our hearts to the point where we isolate our love from one another. That criminal which seeks to destroy our way of understanding each other and the ability to stand by our neighbor is what causes all those ideas we have of what a criminal should be. It’s why we lock our doors at night and grow a cold sweat on the back of our necks when we hear something go bump in the night.

We fear those who have broken away from the ideals of empathy and love, and they are the ones who are becoming the leaders of our countries.

834032They are the ones who not only seek to divide, but have the power to divide us. These individuals allow ignorance to flourish in a world where anything considered news can be in our faces in seconds – fact checked or not – and they use that to their advantage. They divide us based off our unfounded hates and prejudices, rather than uniting us as one human race, and twist our already mangled thoughts into the fears they want us to have.

So I consider us guilty, for allowing us to live in a society where ignorance has run rampant for far too long, and allowing those who are ignorant to the facts the ability to be swept up in this frenzy of fear-based living. We’ve been taken advantage of for far too long and it’s time to say enough is enough. It’s time to wake up to who the true enemy is what these criminals are truly guilty of.

These criminals are guilty of apathy and fear-mongering, and we let them stand on their soap box to spread their message for far too long.

And because of that our societies have reaped the criminals we deserve.

– RA

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