I Believe That, as Long as There is Plenty, Poverty is Evil.

Take a look at that shiny new smartphone you have, or maybe the big screen TV you rfk_poorchild1have at home. Pretty sweet, right? You’ve got these great commodities which you worked so hard for and now that you have them in your life you should feel happier, right? You now have what you worked for. It’s in your life now, and you can take pride in it.

As our sesquipedalian Cheeto-faced orange of a president states so eloquently: Wrong.

We are a selfish species by nature. Why? Because we want to survive. That’s why you’ll always find people slowing down while driving past a car accident, they’re immediately thinking about how lucky they are to have not been that driver. Same goes with seeing someone on the street begging for food or money. We ignore them and walk past them as if they don’t exist because we don’t want to acknowledge that 1. We could be in their position with just one fell swoop of a disaster coming our way and 2. We supposedly live in the greatest country on Earth. These people must be faking their homelessness so they can get money for themselves or drugs.

Well, I hate to break it all of us, but the fantasy world/country we’ve all built in our heads is just that: a fantasy. We live with the illusion that people don’t work 3 or 4 or even 5 jobs to make ends meet, that everyone has retirement savings, can afford to go to a good school, own a home, car, and raise a family. We’re afraid to accept the fact that these once seemingly simple things to attain are now nearing towards impossible for the vast majority of our country.

kennedy_discusses_school_with_young_ricky_taggartAnd why is that? Because the plenty that our country produces goes straight to the top and those who already have the wealth they need to basically house, feed, and clothe a majority of those who desperately need it. But why should they care about those less off than they are? They worked hard for their riches and shouldn’t have to share it with anyone. Those people at the bottom? They simply don’t work hard enough, or they just haven’t hit their stride yet to rise up in society.

Let me tell you, the vast majority of those who are born to a family in poverty are more destined to remain in a life of poverty of their own. That social ladder so many speak of? The ones who call this nation one of “those who have” and the “soon to haves?” It’s an illusion, right up there with believing our country is the greatest country in the world.

So we live in a country where those who have hoard and those who have nothing scrounge at the bottom of the barrel just to make ends meet. The plenty we once saw our country distribute in a way so productivity and wages rose together now shows img_0477productivity still rising but wages remaining stagnant since the 1980’s. And that is the evil we face today.

You want to blame someone? Blame the Congressperson, Senator, Governor, or City-Councilperson who voted in the interest of big business and corporations rather than the
American worker, because guess what? Those who pick your food, bus your tables, landscape your lawn, and do all the dirty jobs you refuse to do aren’t the ones stealing your money and jobs. It’s those you elected to represent you who instead have ulterior motives for power, money, and prestige who have helped poverty grow and this evil to persist.

– RA

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