Pain Falls Upon the Heart

I’ll be perfectly honest. I haven’t been posting because my life has been flipped on its head. Whether it be the loss of family members, loved ones, or suicide attempts, I have wafted away from this website with the inevitable cry of “I’ll get back to it, I swear.” The truth is, that I lied to myself and I lied to my readers.

I created this website to try and bring more compassion into a world that has continuously grown more hostile and cynical by the minute. I owe it to myself and all those who read this to find a safe haven from the hailstorm of hate.

And I promise this time I’m back.

I’m back for you.

I’m back for me.

I’m back for Bobby.

– ra

2 thoughts on “Pain Falls Upon the Heart

  1. I’m glad you’re back – I’ve missed you. And you haven’t lied at all, because you’re back. There’s so much savageness to be tamed. When Bobby was alive, I was in my 20s and he represented the only beacon of light in that era’s savageness. While, sadly, he cannot run for office, not only does he still offer that light, but You’ve been “en-couraged” by it to continue the work. And it IS work.
    I myself have begun a simple letter in a similar vein because I disliked the cynicism that had begun to grow in myself; I call it #45andMe. I’m telling you this to speak a word of support, and comradery, and love within the humanity we share. I believe this is God’s work; however you may see that, may you know peace!

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