Like It Or Not, We Live in Interesting Times


This world is continuously filled with misdeeds – some of them even committed by rfk_speech_on_mlkourselves. None of us are saints, and I’ll be the first to admit, just as Billy Joel says that “I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints.” Instead, what we strive towards in this world is progress – inevitable, righteous progress. That means there will be bumps in the road. Loved ones will die or flat out leave you. You may suffer from debilitating diseases that leave you with a dark pessimistic view of the world and those around you



But it’s in these times – these interesting times we live in – that we look to the little good deeds committed by those who don’t even want to necessarily be acknowledged. It’s through these deeds that we see that perhaps there is goodness in this world, and maybe we should be a part of that little bit of goodness in this world. The sun only shines as bright as the clouds let it, and it’s only when we see past the clouds that we even see just h834032ow luminous it is.

The same goes for hope. We are lost in this peculiar, seemingly endless winding road called life without any form of instructions or map. We’re beaten down again and again by how rough life is. We’re dealt the hardest blows when something so close to our very essence of being is shattered, just as Bobby did when he lost his brother, Jack.

But what do we do with this pain that seems endless? We channel it into something that gets us out of ourselves. I’ve been told the most dangerous place in the world is the six inches between your ears, and, kennedybuddy, I have to say, I agree. How we handle suffering and pain depends on how those six inches respond.

Will we shut down? Will we lash out in anger? Will we become morbidly depressed? Will we even try to take our lives to try and escape the despair we feel?

Or will we find the tiniest ray of light and grasp hold of it as tightly as we can, like our lives depend on it?

Those are the decisions we have to make in this world. When the pain comes, drop by drop upon the heart, will we turn and run, or will we face everything and rise? Will we channel that sense of hope that Bobby felt when he saw the millions of smiling faces looking back at him for a sense of stability? Will we show compassion in the face of hate?

We have to. It the only way. For without it, we shall surely perish.



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