Wishing You All a Happy New Year

First off, I just want to thank each and every one of you who read this blog, share its posts and believe in the same ideals of compassion and empathy that Robert Kennedykennedy stood for his entire life. I’ll be back at the beginning of the new year with new posts. I’ve just been organizing my thoughts and understanding the long road ahead of us.

We have a lot of work to do in the upcoming year, beginning with getting Robert Kennedy’s message out to the public, sharing this blog, and practicing compassion and empathy in a country where it’s beginning to seem that selfishness is the new normal.

We cannot allow this to happen, and I know you all agree. So get some rest, enjoy the rest of your holiday season because come January 1st, we’ve got to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

And I’m looking forward to all of you joining me, because the only way to go is up, and together we can make a difference.

– RA

It’s Time to Stand Up

I will admit that for most of my life I’ve been the person seated at the backburner of any push for change. I followed the crowd, and worst of all, I asStand-Up.jpgsumed that whatever needed to be changed would be changed by someone else. It took me over ten years to finally understand that not only do things not have to stand as they are but that I could be one of those most instrumental in bringing about change. We all can.

It’s time to let old habits die hard, push forward with positive change, and stand up to those who are on the wrong side of history.
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Syria, Turkey, and Russia

Turkey Russian AmbassadorCall me a globalist. Call me a humanitarian. Call me whatever you want. What I believe is that we are one human race, regardless of the borders we’ve created, the religions we cling to, and the ethnicities we label each other as.

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These past few weeks in America have been pretty tumultuous. From the presidential election itself to the smaller Senate and congressional elections held throughout the country, the whole country feels – in a way – completely turned upside down. Now, for those of you who probably couldn’t guess from my previous posts, I did not support Donald Trump for president. His election, though, means that we must once again brace ourselves for the coming transition from one political party holding power to another. 

And usually, that’s not a bad thing. Political parties have exchanged control of the presidency and Congress since the beginning of our republic. The problem is when you have someone so asininely unknowledgeable, unintelligent, and negligent coming into power and surrounding himself with people just as inexperienced as he is in governmental affairs, and some being just downright terrifying to anyone who isn’t white.

Don’t believe me? Let’s quickly analyze some of the top appointments Trump has made for his cabinet.

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One-Fifth of the People Are Against Everything All the Time.

Whatever happened to working together? Remember while you were in school and your teachers forced you to work together in groups with other classmates? What did they say to you when you grumbled about how you hated working in groups?

“This’ll come in handy when you’re an adult and have a job.”

Why? Because in life you’ll always come across people you don’t want to work with, but guess what? As an adult, you have to make the mature decision to work with them to attain whatever goal you’re working towards.

Obviously, we’ll never agree with every single person we come in contact with, but we can at least meet common ground to ensure what we are doing gets done in an effective and productive manner. As Robert Kennedy said: “About one-fifth of the people are against everything all of the time.” That doesn’t mean we can’t work together with at the last other four-fifths who aren’t against everything all of the time.

Apparently, this no longer applies to our Legislative Branch of government.

Well, not unless your specific House of Congress is completely controlled by the same political party so you no longer have to worry about working together.

We live in a new age of selfish, petty, and downright childish politics  and I am absolutely sick of  the most professional and important bodies of government in the world acting like self-righteous babies.

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Difficulties Show Who Men Are

Watch the video below:

That interview was while Robert Kennedy was a Senator from the state of New York, which was from 1965-1968. How many of you believe what he said back then has changed? How have things gotten better?

Now, the unfortunate question: how many of you believe what he said still resonates in society today? How much has not changed?

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Very Exciting News

Good morning,

I am very excited to announce the next step in the expansion of Tame the Savageness, and the hope to reach more people who believe in Robert Kennedy’s ideals. Many, perhaps, do not yet know the man for what we know him as, the empathetic, compassionate healer who did more to help bridge the divide between those around us than most do in a lifetime, but it is our mission to help all those understand what we can accomplish when we hold those feelings closest to our hearts.


That is why I ask you to follow our new Facebook Group: Tame the Savageness, where we can continue our dialogue of just what it means to be a compassionate and empathetic people once again, and how we can rise to the top of that mountain together.

I look forward to your thoughts, your discussions, and your ideas.



Darkness Cannot Drive Out Darkness, Only Light Can Do That

Another day, another attack. We’ve read and witnessed thousands of shootings throughout the United States. This time an attack on Ohio State University, and while our hearts ache once again for the victims of senseless violence we need to continue to push forward in ensuring this world becomes a safer, more compassionate place.

We’ve pushed for progressive change in the past, only to have those motions struck down by those within the deep pockets of the gun lobby. Many people believe our country is broken because of this. I understand your frustration, your anger, and your fear for what our country has become. Many of you may feel helpless towards bringing about change to our country.

To all those who feel helpless and angry:

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What Is a Legacy?

I’m afraid of what is to come, of what is being left behind for those who will inherit this planet once those who are on it have passed on. While we’ve made great strides in progress throughout the years, we’ve also taken major steps backward. And while the progress we’ve made may push us forward ever so slightly, those steps backward may completely eradicate any proof that progress was there in the first place.

We need to focus on what we want to leave behind in our wake for those future generations that will carry the fire on for us.

We need to focus on our legacy.

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Law and Order

The election of 1968 saw a backlash against the progressive movement begun by President John F. Kennedy’s New Frontier and continued further with President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society. The wars on poverty and racial injustice were drowned out, however, by the war in Vietnam and the violence at home by race riots and assassinations of key figures both in the Civil Rights Movement.

These moments of fear destroyed any notion in people’s minds that the United States was moving forward as a nation. To some, it felt like a step backward. They were afraid. They wanted complacency.







So they turned to Richard Nixon.

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